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Impacting the Epidemics — Supporting Communities


Opioid substitution therapy: ways of implementation in penitentiary institutions.

On March 28, 2018, under the chairmanship of the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denis Chernyshov, a round table meeting with the participation of international experts was held on the urgent issues of...

On World TB Day Alliance reports on the progress achieved by civil society in Ukraine

Alliance is implementing a special screening program has been launched on the basis of civil society partners, which has detected 1,400 new TB cases among the most vulnerable populations with limited access to health...

Сity Health International 2018 in Odesa

7th International City Health Conference “Developing healthy responses in a time of change” 13-14 September 2018, Odesa, Ukraine

Alliance Provided Hepatitis C Treatment to 1,907 Patients with 95% Treatment Success Rate and 98.3%. Retention!

Recently, the last patient completed Hepatitis C treatment with modern and effective direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) within the unique comprehensive three-year project implemented by the Alliance for Public Health “Scaling up Accessible and Effective HCV Treatment Through a Community–Based...

Alliance to launch modern Hepatitis C treatment in penal settings

Alliance for Public Health became the first in Ukraine to offer access to Hepatitis C treatment to people living with HIV in the health facilities of the State Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine Within...

The Second March of Sex Workers: “Hard Settings”/“Steel Eggs” of the Ukrainian Politics

The 1st of March was marked by the second annual March of Sex Workers going along the ‘government district’ in the capital city of Ukraine – from the Cabinet of Ministers along the Verkhovna...

Short Facts About Alliance Ukraine

50,000 new HIV infections averted in Ukraine thanks to the prevention programs of Alliance and its partners
250,000 people with highest risks of HIV are annually reached with prevention programs in Ukraine
Alliance shared its expertise in 56 countries over the world


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