SyrEx is a database management system developed by the Alliance for Public Health in Ukraine used for monitoring and recording information on clients reached and services provided in community-based HIV prevention programmes.

SyrEx is an open access software tool that systematically allows project implementing partners to uniquely register project clients with an agreed Unique Identification Code (UIC) system, to record commodities and services provided, as well as other key deliverables such as trainings and other group events, to generate reports by set criteria, and to transmit and aggregate of data from multiple sites. Therefore, it allows collecting programmatic data, monitoring the progress of HIV prevention programs for most-at-risk populations, reporting to donors. Furthermore, this data management system enables Project Managers and other decision-makers to make evidence-based decisions (for planning and improving programs). SyrEx is now being used in almost 20 countries of EECA, Middle East, South Asia and Africa: Ukraine, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Belarus, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Lithuania, Morocco, etc.

At the same time SyrEx was developed with the community health outreach worker in mind, and is seen by those using it as being both comprehensive and user-friendly. For example, timely reports can easily be extracted at the community level to help track not only the services (and commodities) provided, but also who is being reached with which services. SyrEx benefits practitioners at national and global levels by transmitting and aggregating data from large numbers and diverse types of organizations and settings in a way that reduces double counting and improves the monitoring of programme performance. Combined with key population’s size estimation figures, SyrEx also provides an indication of coverage of a particular vulnerable sub-group with essential services. A key essential characteristic of SyrEx is that it captures both sex- and age-disaggregated data, as well as disaggregation by key vulnerabilities.

Finally, SyrEx is allowing both intermediary and global organizations to more accurately report results as the use of UICs significantly reduces double counting. This very important for population groups, where data is often missing or not disaggregated by gender and age. SyrEx provides solid programmatic data, which may be used for defining the need for future programs and as a strong evidence to advocate for funding allocations.

SyrEx-burundi“SyrEx will help me to report and avoid errors which were occurring before.”
Participant’s feedback
Training on programmatic M&E system in Burundi

Alliance for Public Health in Ukraine supports other countries in organizing programmatic monitoring and using SyrEx database. SyrEx is provided to implementing partners free of charge, although typically face to face training is also required to configure the database to the specific needs of the programme. SyrEx is flexible and may be tailored to the project needs. For example, SyrEx was translated into French for Burundi, and Ethiopian version allows collecting information by using Ethiopian calendar which is completely different from the International one.

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Taking maximum advantage of the new technologies, Alliance for Public Health developed a new Program monitoring system called Syrexcloud. This open access tool is combining data recording at the point of service delivery on the mobile device screen and a shared Cloud database.

syrex-imgSyrexcloud allows immediate data transfer and data analysis as soon as the information is entered into the phone or tablet application. Data is automatically synchronized with all mobile devices at one site, thus allowing clients to move from one service point to another without risk of double counting. Additional capacities include scanning QR codes with phone camera to quickly identify clients and register referrals; using fingerprints in cases where UIC is not functional; automatic recording of the location and time of services provided. The application is currently developed for Android and is available on Google Playmarket. For more information visit

The key functions of SyrEx:

• clients registration;
• recording commodities and services provided;
• recording trainings and other group events;
• reports generation by different criteria;
• transmission and aggregation of data from multiple sources.

Computer Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2.
100 MB of Free Hard Disk Space (Minimum).
512MB of RAM (Minimum) (more if dealing with a large memory base).
2GHz Processor and Higher.

SyrEx2 database developed for Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC)

SyrEx2 database developed for India HIV/AIDS Alliance (Alliance India)

SyrEx2 database developed for Kenyan AIDS NGO consortium (KANCO)

SyrEx2 database developed for the Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA)

SyrEx2 database developed for the Link Up programme (Bangladesh, Myanmar, Burundi, Ethiopia and Uganda)

SyrEx2 database developed for the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Technologies, Informatization, Administration and Management of Health (Republic of Belarus)