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Conference for and about teens “Through virtual to real”

We are happy to invite you to the Conference for and about teens “Through virtual to real” that will take place on 15-17 of September 2020 online.

Alliance Response to the Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic in Ukraine

Alliance Response to the Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic in Ukraine

The sixth regional digest overview has been released by #SoS_project team

Overview of the regional and national activities of the #SoS_project team in April-July 2020 Stay safe, stay strong and wear a mask / #WearAMask Challenge IN THE NEW RELEASE  The #SoS_project regional partners team...

Lyubov Vorontsova: Ensuring sustainability of HIV and COVID-19 services in prisons is possible

1,152 people with HIV, or 4.5%* of all people living with HIV in Kazakhstan stay in the penitentiary institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of June 31, 2020. More than 1,000 people living...

Alliance Model of HCV Treatment Featured in WHO Compendium of Good Practices in the Health Sector Response to Viral Hepatitis in the WHO European Region

July 28 is proclaimed by WHO as World Hepatitis Day. On World Hepatitis Day 2020 WHO Regional Office for Europe  published Compendium of good practices in the health sector response to viral hepatitis in...

5,000 patients received free up-to-date treatment of hepatitis C within the innovative program run by Alliance for Public Health!

In 2015, after many years of preparatory activities, Alliance for Public Health  initiated a free program to treat hepatitis C virus

Short Facts About Alliance Ukraine

50,000 new HIV infections averted in Ukraine thanks to the prevention programs of Alliance and its partners
250,000 people with highest risks of HIV are annually reached with prevention programs in Ukraine
Alliance shared its expertise in 56 countries over the world


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