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Rebranding of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance

After 25 years on the frontline of the HIV response, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance has changed name to Frontline AIDS. Below is an official statement from the organization: Our new era as Frontline AIDS...

On the All Lovers Day the Alliance joined the global fundraising campaign to combat HIV, TB and malaria

Today, on the All Lovers Day, the Executive Director of the Alliance fpr Public Health (Alliance), together with representatives of key communities, visited Kyiv embassies of top ten countries that are key donors of...

Alliance expertise has been reflected in the new WHO Guidelines on hepatitis C treatment!

The expertise of Alliance for Public Health contributed to the development of the new World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for the care and treatment of persons diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C virus infection, which...

Suspension of the Minister of Health can cause growth in the epidemics of HIV/AIDS and TB!

ICF ” Alliance of Public Health “, which is responsible for the implementation of programs on prevention and treatment of HIV, hepatitis C and tuberculosis for more than 300,000 people in Ukraine, is concerned...

Alliance joined the MoH special operation on measles vaccination

The International Charitable Foundation “Alliance for Public Health” has promptly procured 42,000 syringes that will be used this month for additional immunization of children against measles in the Lviv region. Today, all medical supplies...

Alliance continues coaching regional specialists on scaling up OAT program in Ukraine

Within the research project “Expanding Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment in Ukraine” (ExMAT) implemented in close collaboration with Yale University School of Medicine, on Janгфкн 29-30 Module 4 of learning collaboratives on expanding access to...

Short Facts About Alliance Ukraine

50,000 new HIV infections averted in Ukraine thanks to the prevention programs of Alliance and its partners
250,000 people with highest risks of HIV are annually reached with prevention programs in Ukraine
Alliance shared its expertise in 56 countries over the world


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