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Let’s treat of Hepatitis C


We are happy to present video blog of Anton Basenko, who had been waiting for Hepatitis C treatment for over 13 years and got a great chance to receive free therapy with innovative drugs within the Alliance treatment program.

Anton will share his fairs before starting the therapy, will tell about the choice of drugs, side effects and other interesting facts in 6 episodes. Please follow the links below to watch the videos. Please turn on the english subtitles in the bottom right corner of the video screen.
The program of Hepatitis C treatment with direct-acting antivirals implemented by Alliance since 2015 already allowed more than 1,200 people get access to free treatment. Among those, who have completed their therapy courses, treatment success rate is 93%. The efforts of Alliance allowed bringing the price for sofosbuvir down to USD 300 per vial; besides, sofosbuvir and other direct-acting antivirals were registered in Ukraine, included into the treatment protocol as well as into the list of drugs procured with state and local budget funds.
In 2017, Alliance for the first time in Ukraine will be using an interferon-free treatment regimen (sofosbuvir/ledipasvir) for patients with hepatitis C.
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Episode 1 – It happened!

Episode 2 – Expecting the miracle

Episode 3 – Shocking truth

Episode 4 – Side effects? No idea!

Episode 5: Dreams come true


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