The Alliance for Public Health has successfully developed and implemented HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis responses in Ukraine. In 2015–2017, every patient with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis receiving treatment in Ukraine was treated with medications procured by the Alliance. The patient-oriented approach created the ability to nearly double treatment success rates – from 46% to 79%.

Successful treatment of patients with hepatitis C virus has now become a reality! More than 2,000 patients from key populations were linked to treatment with innovative antivirals, i.e., Sofosbuvir and Harvoni. The test results for patients who have completed treatment (1,679 people) are astonishing – the virus was not identified in 95 percent of all patients tested! Treatment was provided to 50 ATO veterans, as well as 50 prison inmates.

In the 2017 the opioid substitution therapy program expanded, with a reach of over 10,000 patients, is now the largest program of its kind in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Scaling up from “zero,” when it was serving a mere 100 patients, to an impressive 10,189 patients across 180 service sites nationwide, the Alliance is now taking steps for the program to be transitioned and handed over to the Ministry of Health. As of December 31, 2017, the first 11.5 percent patients had been handed over to Ukraine’s MoH.

2017 was a year of new project areas being embraced and new innovations implemented. The year saw the launch of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) delivery, self-testing, and the new program for transgender people, efforts to improve engagement with Ukrainian military service members and in the zone of conflict in Eastern Ukraine, as well as steps to scale up the response to TB/HIV as part of the Fast-Track Cities initiative.


The Ukraine program is considered a model for the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and internationally acknowledged as among the best response practices in concentrated HIV epidemics.