‘We have nothing to show our gratitude to you, not even a little treat. Let us make you some tea at least!’ And ten minutes later, in the middle of a grim cold landscape of the village that survived occupation and is now experiencing one of its hardest winters, colorful mugs and teapots appear, people start smiling, and — even if it is just because of the tea — it gets warmer.

This is a welcome from Shevchenkove village, one of the destinations of another trip of the ‘MTP: Mobile Treatment Points’ project.

This time, beside Shevchenkove, we travelled to Monachynivka, Prosianka, Vyshnivka and Husinka — the liberated villages in Kupyansk rayon of Kharkiv region.

In a few days, our project enabled almost one and a half people to receive a consultation with a doctor and get the medications they needed right away. We delivered and distributed 300 first aid kits with basic medicines. In the situation where the village has had no health worker for months, and the nearest drugstore is tens of kilometers away, these simple things look like a miracle.

In the villages near the frontline, people just have nowhere to buy basic household chemicals like tooth paste, washing powder or soap. We have brought more than a hundred of individual hygienic kits thanks to NGO Volunteer hundred.

120 food packs will provide the most necessary nutrition to more than a hundred families. And a hundred of kids will have at least a small holiday with sweet gifts.

There are, of course, warm clothes as well, so that the people whose homes were ruined or damaged, who were left without power supply and heating, or were forced away from home by russians, would feel warmth and care despite the freezing cold. We thank Help Ukraine.center in Chełm for warm clothes, hygiene products, medicines and medical equipment for hospitals.

In winter cold, the homes and heating points will be made warm by stoves from Rotary in Ukraine and Rotary Club Kyiv-Sophia (Ukraine).

The people we visited asked us to convey their enormous gratitude. People from the deoccupied territories, those who have see the war in their own yard, who were deprived of their usual way of life because of it, are grateful for attention and help in an especially touching way.

And we know for sure we will not abandon our people. We will withstand if every village, yard and family behind the back of our army will withstand. For that, we continue collecting aid and delivering it to the people who have no-one else to rely on but you and us.

We thank our reliable partners: International Renaissance Foundation and #ChristianAID for financial support, #SAZ for some of the first aid kits and medicines for the clinic’s operations, Kharkov Charitable Fund “Blago” for their help in organizing this trip.