The International Charitable Foundation ‘Alliance for Public Health’ now invites journalists to submit their materials for the Third All-Ukrainian competition for the media ‘Drug Dependence and HIV/AIDS in Ukraine: Challenges Caused by the War’.

We invite representatives of national and regional media writing/fliming/documenting problems of drug-dependent people (or other key populations), opioid substitution therapy (OST) patients, risks of aggravation of the HIV/AIDS epidemic caused by the Russian aggression. This activity involves APH providing individual consultations and responses to requests from media concerning the topic, including travels to other regions of Ukraine or abroad for representatives of the media provided they prove that such a travel is justified.

Eligible works are those published or broadcast by their authors (individual or collective) in the period from February 24 to September 30, 2022:

The All-Ukrainian competition for the media is conducted to raise awareness of the general population about contemporary methods of prevention and treatment of drug-dependence, HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, and other diseases dangerous for the society. This year, the competition concerns the risks for drug-dependent patients, sex workers, prisoners, and other key populations caused by the war the Russians started on the territory of Ukraine. These risks may concern sustainability of treatment of HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis, as well as protection of human rights of the above key populations.

One of the main goals of the competition is to highlight the risks created by the military aggression, in particular, in terms of interruption of OST and ART, shortage of medicines and violation of human rights on the occupied territories, the need to clearly coordinate the activities of public institutions and civil society organizations.

The jury will comprise of reputable Ukrainian editors and journalists, as well as civil society activists, representatives of the Public Health Center of the MoH of Ukraine, other medical institutions and the APH. The winners will be selected in two stages (the interim stage will involve awarding incentive prizes for the best material of the month; then will be the final awards to the winners). Works having received interim awards will be selected for the final voting! The winners will be selected in the following categories:

  • Television and radio.
  • Printed and Internet outlets.
  • Blogging.

Winners of the competition will receive diplomas and money prizes. Following our tradition, there will be separate recognition of proactive materials (cycles of texts/stories, creation of special projects, collaboration of several outlets).

Requirements to materials taking part in the competition:

  • Texts/stories/broadcasts can be created in any language of national minorities (provided there is a translation in Ukrainian).
  • The publications should reflect the realities in the situation of the Russian aggression and reflect the state of affairs with a special attention to resolution of problems.
  • The jury will favor those texts/stories/broadcasts that reflect the current situation in a reasonable and unbiased way, focusing on human rights and referring to the best international practices for elimination of stigma and discrimination against key populations.
  • Also, the materials may cover individual aspects of drug dependence and HIV, such as drug dependence among women, changes in the drug scene during the war, problems created by Russian invaders, etc.
  • All the materials sent by representatives of the media need to be original and free from plagiarism.
  • An author (or a collective of authors) can submit an unlimited number of materials.
  • To participate in the competition, please enter the data about your material in the registration form: .


The deadline for submission of the materials is 30 September 2022 (18:00). We encourage you to submit the materials during the whole period of the competition to contend for interim awards!

You can watch the course of the competition at our web site and on the FB page of the Alliance for Public Health

Last year’s winners:

Last year’s jury board:

The best materials will be published at web resources of the ICF ‘Alliance for Public Health’, so by submitting a material, authors automatically agree to such a publication.

The Third All-Ukrainian competition for the media ‘Drug Dependence and HIV/AIDS: Challenges Caused by the War’ is conducted as a part of the ‘Gain Momentum in Reducing TB/HIV Burden in Ukraine’ project implemented by the ICF ‘Alliance for Public Health’ with the support from the Global Fund.