From the first days of the war, the Alliance for Public Health has repurposed its mobile ambulatories to meet humanitarian

needs. Now, these vehicles work around the clock evacuating women and children, delivering food, medicines, power generators, medical devices, equipment and other essential goods!


  • More than 500 t of cargo delivered.
  • More than 520 thousand kilometres.
  • The longest ‘special’ voyage — 2740 km (delivering OST drugs in March 2022)
  • 850 days on the road (total days the drivers spent on the road).
  • Our daily record is 14 crews en route at the same time!
  • Over 80 healthcare facilities have received essential medications and medical goods.
  • Transporting OST drugs to 19 healthcare facilities in six oblasts: in particular, 1.2 million pills procured by the MoH of Ukraine and the APH.
  • 40 drivers and navigators. The youngest driver is 20, the oldest one is 57.
  • The cargoes include medicines, medical equipment (including sophisticated), food, infant formula, hygienic goods, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, drones, Starlink units, armour vests, among many other things.

June 20, 2022 situation report: Humanitarian Convoys of the APH: 111 DAYS ON THE ROAD, 111 DAYS OF AID.