Alliance launched complimentary online consultations for health concern

Have you ever experienced a situation when you urgently need to get a consultation on health issues and there is no opportunity to visit a doctor/hospital? Fortunately, the world is changing and we can observe digitalization penetrating all the spheres of everyday life. At present lots of services are available on-line and consultations on health issues are not the exception.

Web resource was developed by Alliance for Public Health with the aim to be the source of useful information for patients from the key groups receiving HIV services. The main attraction of this web site is the rating of healthcare institutions as well as medical workers due to which patients have the possibility of taking a balanced decision towards the choice of healthcare institutions and doctors.

Starting from 1st December the resource is increasing its functionality. From now on it is possible to get complimentary expert consultations on health and psychological issues on-line. Every individual can register at the web site and book a consultation at any convenient time and date. There is the on-line chart on this web resource that functions in real time mode. Its aim is to provide technical support to service recipients whenever needed and at their immediate request. In case should there be any queries related to the use or web resource functionality do not hesitate to contact our administrators in the on-line chart.

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