The year 2015 was challenging both for the state and for non-governmental organizations providing
humanitarian aid and social support in Ukraine, nevertheless significant results have been achieved.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, speaking at the UN Sustainable Development Summit, noted
that the country was able to reduce HIV/AIDS incidence rates and make progress in combating tuberculosis.
To a great extent, those results were obtained through the coordinated efforts of government
and civil society, and Alliance for Public Health is proud that it has made its contribution into achieving
these results.

Here are our five highlights of the outgoing year which have formed a solid ground for 2016:


New program ‘Investing for impact against tuberculosis and HIV’ helped to achieve major
country targets and avoid TB and HIV treatment interruption. In 2015 the prevention services
were provided to 192,000 people who inject drugs, 32,000 sex workers and 29,000 men who
have sex with men. This is 8% or 17,600 more than in 2014. The Global Fund awarded
Alliance the highest performance rating A1.


Alliance has directed the largest part of its 2015 funding to stopping TB. Procured by Alliance
molecular genetic tests allowed to identify 80% of all new TB cases in Ukraine in 2015. Every
second MDR-TB patient receiving treatment in Ukraine is treated with drugs that were
procured, donated and delivered by the Alliance.


We have made DAA Hepatitis C treatment a reality in Ukraine! Alliance procured Sofosbuvir
at the lowest price in the region, making the treatment available for the most vulnerable – over
300 HIV/HCV co-infected people who inject drugs. Based on this experience the Ukrainian
Ministry of Health has changed the treatment guidelines and re-oriented state procurement
prioritizing up-to-date DAA treatment.


Thanks to Alliance support and dedicated efforts of social workers and physicians, prevention
and treatment projects are still operating in the areas temporarily not under control of the
Ukrainian Government. Humanitarian aid procured and delivered by Alliance to Donbas
during 2015 contained over 8.3 million pieces of tests, condoms, syringes and other
commodities, as well as 48,182 packs of TB drugs which made possible to maintain
uninterrupted MDR-TB treatment for 773 patients.


Ukraine became a model for other countries requesting to learn from us. By the end of
2015 Alliance has provided technical support to 40 countries. In addressing a great demand
from different continents the Alliance Centre of Practice for HIV, Hepatitis C and Drug Use was
established in Kyiv combining Ukrainian and international expertize.

It was a year of transformation for Alliance: following 15 years of experience we evolved to become the
Alliance for Public Health to be in a stronger position to address the AIDS, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis
epidemics. As the Alliance for Public Health we will bring into 2016 our broader public health
commitment and our expertise in driving innovations and taking programs to scale to impact
the epidemics and to ensure sustainability. By working in partnership with you all, we will work hard
to change Ukraine and the world for the better!