Since October 2019 ICF “Alliance of public health”, with the support of the Global Fund, has been successfully implementing the innovative project “Alliance Online supervision”. The service of online supervision is available for the specialists working in medical centers and NGOs, which are Alliance partners.

Aims of the projects:

  • Professional support of the specialists working in the field of public health;
  • Improving the quality of medical-social services;
  • Reduction of stigmatization and discrimination of representative of vulnerable groups;
  • Prevention of professional burnout.

During three months, a team of professional supervisors – doctors and psychologists with a strong experience in public health and specialized training preparation, has successfully completed more than 206 supervisions.

Supervisees highly appreciate results of the supervision session:

«A unique experience! You can personally ask doctor with 30 years of experience, chief medical officer of a regional AIDS center all your questions about HIV, opportunistic infections, ART, adherence, etc. and get comprehensive answers. Professional doctor, interesting person to talk to. Thank you for every minute of supervision! ».

«Supervision helped me a lot to structure my work in the prevention project, identify deficiencies and plan work on their correction. Thank you for this opportunity! ».

Supervisees who have successfully completed 8 hours of online supervision receive electronic certificates. These certificates enable medical specialist to earn 10 points prior to their certification.

Online supervision is available free of charge, at a convenient for you time and place. Content of supervision is confidential.

For more information on «Alliance Online supervision» and process of obtaining this service, please visit