PITCH – Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect HIV response


Financial support: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through “Dialogue and Dissent” program.

Implementation period: 1 January 2017 — 31 December 2020.

Cost estimate: $ 221,539 (one year budget, Ukrainian part)

Partners: (Globally) New strategic partnership between Aids Fonds/STOP AIDS NOW!, the Alliance and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2016-2020) in nine countries (Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zimbabwe).

Partners: (Ukraine)The Alliance for Public Health is hosting the PITCH project in Ukraine and supporting 5 unique partners (sub-grantees): CF “Hope and Trust” (Kyiv), AUCO “Convictus Ukraine” (Kyiv), NGO “Our Help” (Slavyansk, Donetsk oblast), NGO “Veritas” (Odessa), “Meridian” (Poltava), CO “Legalife – Ukraine” (Kropyvnytskyi, funded directly by Aids Fonds).

 The goal of the Project: ending the AIDS epidemic in nine countries that are most affected by HIV (Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zimbabwe). The project focuses on building the institutional capacity of local civil society organisations to advocate, generate evidence and develop robust policy solutions.

 Geographical coverage (in Ukraine): the city of Kyiv; Kropyvnytskyi, Odessa, Poltava, Slavyansk (Donetsk oblast) and National level.


  1. Equal access to HIV services, as well as sexual and reproductive health/
  2. Equal opportunities in the context of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for people most vulnerable to HIV.
  3. Equal and full rights for key populations.
  4. Strengthening local civil society organizations that will implement advocacy to achieve such goals.


  1. PITCH Annual Report 2016
  2. PITCH Annual Report 2017
  3. PITCH Annual Report 2018
  4. PITCH Annual Report 2019
  5. PITCH Annual Report 2020
  6. PITCH Five-Years Reflection (2016-2020)
  7. PITCH End Term Evaluation Report
  8. Surviving Global Fund Transition to Safeguard the HIV Response. Ukraine (Case Study)

Contact person: Anton Basenko