Expanding Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) in Ukraine

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Expanding Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) in Ukraine

Expanding Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) in Ukraine (ExMAT) is a research project within the partnership with Yale School of Medicine (USA) with financial support from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (USA). Project duration: 2012–31 August 2019. Budget: $1,125,000.

Project objectives:


Assess facilitators and barriers to entry into and retention in MAT programs


Implement and assess an evidence-based intervention to improve processes at OST sites in order to improve the levels of client enrolment and retention in the program


Pilot a new form of MAT – extended-release naltrexone (Vivitrol®)

Contact person: Anna Metelyuk

Within the research project “Expanding Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment in Ukraine” (ExMAT) implemented in close collaboration with Yale University School of Medicine, on Feb. 6-8 Module 1 of learning collaboratives on expanding access to OAT in Ukraine took place. The goal of learning collaboratives is to scale-up OAT program by 20% in all oblasts in Ukraine during 2018. Module 1 of learning collaboratives was attended by Chief Narcologists of all regions of Ukraine and representatives of 75 OAT sites; coaching was provided by certified NiATx trainers from the Alliance for Public Health and Ukrainian Institute for Public Health Policy under thorough mentoring of Yale University specialists. Next module (Module No.2) of learning collaboratives is scheduled for May 2018. Stay tuned!

Pictures from the event:




Interactive map of OAT coverage is at the following link:


Map of OAT coverage by regions (from estimated number of PWID):