Help Now Hub

“Emergency response in connection with the war to support internally displaced people within Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees abroad amongst the representatives of key populations and PLHIV” Project (Help Now Hub, Emergency Response, Regional Project SoS 2.0).

The project is implemented by the Alliance Consultancy within the Regional Project “Sustainability of services for key populations in EECA region” (SoS_project 2.0), implemented by a consortium of organizations led by the ICF Alliance for Public Health in partnership with the CO 100% Life.

Donor: The Global Fund.

Implementation period: 4 months (April – July 2022)

The main goal of the project is to provide support and assistance to Ukrainian refugees from key populations* who move in connection with russia’s attack on Ukraine to other countries and within the country during a 4-month period, including access to information resources, navigation and connection to relevant services related to the provision of appropriate treatment (ART – antiretroviral treatment, OST – opioid substitution therapy, anti-tuberculosis drugs, etc.) and social services: psychological, legal support and humanitarian assistance.

Key areas of work:

  •     Information support for representatives of key groups on available services in Ukraine and abroad (creation, adaptation and dissemination of information materials about contacts, testing, counseling, treatment, use of services, as well as support and development of the online service #HelpNow);
  •     Assistance in navigation and coordination (rapid assessment of existing services, resources and opportunities provided and available to refugees from Ukraine, including access to important services related to HIV / drug use / hepatitis, as well as more general social and life support) and identifying key gaps. Also, planning work in the country and abroad based on the results of this assessment (information support, creation of additional opportunities for social support, legal support, including relevant procurement and process management);
  •     Social (humanitarian) support, based on a rapid assessment of the situation of closing certain gaps, depending on the individual case, for additional support or relocation among the existing relevant services.

Geographical focus of the project: Ukraine and the countries of the world with the largest number of Ukrainian refugees (with a focus on Moldova, Poland and Germany).

Expected results:

  •     Provision and comprehensive coverage of information resources and tools of representatives of key vulnerable groups;
  •     Support navigation and coordination of representatives of key vulnerable groups, through HelpNow Hub and alternative channels of communication and coordination, online consultations with doctors on the principle of “telemedicine”;
  •     Direct social / humanitarian assistance (including the work of shelters for internally displaced people in two regions of Ukraine: Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk and special emergency funds to cover the needs for them).

Main activities:

  •   Establishment and maintenance of a temporary “Ukrainian Navigation Center to support people living with HIV” to coordinate major activities in accordance with the above-mentioned project areas.
  •   Establishment of Technical Support Centers (Hubs) to inform, navigate and coordinate assistance to representatives of key groups from Ukraine in Poland and Germany in partnership with local NGOs – leaders in the field of response to the HIV epidemic.
  •   Close coordination and cooperation with existing service providers in other countries to reception of Ukrainian migrants who have received temporary shelter or refugee status abroad.
  •   Support for service providers in Moldova in reception of Ukrainian refugees relocating there.
  •   Providing targeted information and technical support, which includes the development of alternative communication and coordination channels, online consultations with doctors on the principle of “telemedicine” in partnership with the Public Health Center of Ukraine, chatbots, etc.
  •     Creation of special emergency funds.
  •     Support for the operation of two shelters for internally displaced people in Ukraine.

* – HIV+, PWID, SW, MSM, etc. key vulnerable groups.