Project of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

The Alliance for Public Health is one of three principal recipients of the grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria “Investing for Impact against Tuberculosis and HIV” in 2015–2020.

Program objectives:


To scale up and ensure equitable access to high quality TB and HIV prevention, treatment, and care and support, with a focus on key affected populations (MARPs, PLWHA and other people most affected by the HIV and TB epidemics).


To strengthen health systems towards sustainable and integrated solutions for key populations most affected by the HIV and TB epidemics.


To strengthen community systems that enable needs-based, cost-effective and integrated interventions for key populations most affected by the HIV and TB epidemics.

A characteristic feature of this program, unlike previous programs, is the integration of AIDS and TB components. As in previous years, the biggest share of funding – 68% – is allocated for fighting AIDS. The Global Fund has decreased its scope of funding compared to the two previous years, counting on an increase in funding for HIV and TB prevention and treatment activities from the Ukrainian state budget.

The Alliance for Public Health is responsible for implementing the following program components:

  • HIV prevention among people who inject drugs
  • HIV prevention among sex workers
  • HIV prevention among men who have sex with men
  • Supporting communities to ensure active TB case finding in most-at-risk populations
  • Medical and social support and forming adherence to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment
  • Medical and psychosocial support of OST clients

geLiverpool Hosted the Union World Conference on Lung Health
Treatment outcomes of patients who received medical and social support at the outpatient treatment stage are almost twice better as compared to those who failed to receive such support. This message was delivered by Evgenia Geliukh, Program Manager: HIV/TB (Alliance for Public Health) at the 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health held in Liverpool on 25-29 October.
During the presentation, Dr. Geliukh presented the results of implementing the project aimed to support patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis at the outpatient treatment stage, which is implemented jointly with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. Such a significant difference in treatment outcomes is strong evidence proving the need to fund projects aimed at the delivery of medical and social support to TB patients.
Evgenia’s poster presentation, showing the results of implementing the GF project aimed at early TB detection in vulnerable populations in Ukraine, also sparked a great interest among civil society representatives. Alliance’s experience clearly demonstrated the advantages of targeting high-risk groups as compared to the traditional mass chest X-ray examination of general population.
In general, conference participants focused on such questions as latent tuberculosis infection, management of multidrug-resistant TB, organization of psychosocial support of TB patients as well as involvement of civil society representatives into the TB response.

Contact person: Victor Isakov