July 28 is proclaimed by WHO as World Hepatitis Day. On World Hepatitis Day 2020 WHO Regional Office for Europe  published Compendium of good practices in the health sector response to viral hepatitis in the WHO European Region (https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/333494/9789289055161-eng.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y).

We are proud that Alliance input in global and national hepatitis elimination process, its yearlong experience in HCV community based treatment, is demonstrated in Compendium amongst European region good practices in viral hepatitis response.

Alliance HCV treatment program “Scaling up Access to HCV Community Based Treatment for Key Populations” was launched in 2015. For 5 years   5000 patients were granted HCV diagnostic, treatment and social support for free. Presently with the support of the Global Fund 1800 HIV/HCV coinfected patients are getting HCV treatment, 90% out of them are PWID and their partners, 10% prison population. Till the end of 2020 additional 1500 HIV/HCV coinfected patients form KPs will get HCV basic diagnostic, treatment and social support services for free within Alliance program.

Following WHO recommendations, Alliance practices public health approach by using pan-genotyping DAA drugs, produced by leading international generic manufactures, and simplified HCV diagnostic. Every participant of Alliance HCV treatment program is granted social support. Education on HCV transmission ways and on safe behavior practices as well as three sessions on HCV reinfection prevention are integral to treatment process. Owing to case managers good practices and patients’ commitment, retention on treatment among program participants, who completed therapy this year, reached unprecedented 99,5%.

Alliance takes pride of setting trends in innovative HCV treatment with DAAs in Ukraine and making it accessible for the most in need populations; of implementing modern HCV diagnostic with GeneExpert machines directly on treatment sites; of getting the lowest for Ukraine price for DAA drugs; of  98% of treatment success. This year we started to implement cascade of HCV services by referring HIV prevention and harm reduction programs clients with positive results of HCV rapid tests to HCV treatment program.

WHO Compendium of good practices in the health sector response to viral hepatitis in the WHO European Region witnesses Alliance success in HCV control and encourages us for finding new approaches to equity in access to HCV diagnostic and treatment, bringing services closer to the patients on the way to hepatitis elimination and universal health coverage.

On occasion of World Hepatitis Day  Alliance avails of this opportunity to present our deepest respect and gratitude to physicians and medical workers, to case managers and patients for taking responsibility and following healthy lifestyles!  

Everybody can get HCV infection 

HCV testing is the only way to get

HCV confirmative diagnostic and treatment 

Viral Hepatitis C is curable 

National Hotline on Viral Hepatitis: 0-800-50-33-10