The WHO Compendium of good practices in the implementation of the Tuberculosis Action Plan for the WHO European Region 2016–2020 published the article on the results of the work of Parliamentary TB Caucus, technical support to which is provide by the Alliance of Public Health. The WHO appreciated the activity of the Parliamentary Caucus as a successful example of consolidation of the efforts of all stakeholders and development of the efficient partnership to overcome the disease.

As the coordination center for civil society organizations in Ukraine to work with the Global TB Caucus – the international movement uniting more than 2,000 MPs of different countries of the world. The Alliance worked on the idea to establish a multi-faction association of MPs to counter TB since 2016. And thanks to the support from MP Serhiy Kiral, who engaged 47 other MPs to cooperation, the Parliamentary TB Caucus started operating in Ukraine since October 2017.

Currently this platform considerably influences the TB legislation changes and facilitates strengthening the multi-sectoral approach to solving the important challenges in the area of combating TB.