Andriy Klepikov, executive director Alliance for Public Health, became the guest of Aibar Sultangaziyev’s unique author’s program “Behind the Scenes of Medicine” on Next TV in Kyrgyzstan.

The theme of the new broadcast was a discussion of “Barriers and opportunities to end the HIV epidemic”.

The program guests talked a lot about the current HIV/AIDS epidemic in the country, how to improve it and what is being done for this, as well as global trends and international partners that provide significant support to Kyrgyzstan in the fight against HIV/AIDS and TB.

So, Andriy Klepikov talked about why the focus of the new regional project “Sustainability of Services for Key Groups in the EECA Region”, which received the laconic name #SoS_project, is aimed at Kyrgyzstan. He spoke about global best practices for ensuring the sustainability of HIV services, which became the basis for #SoS_project; about why the Global Fund’s withdrawal is inevitable and about the importance of ensuring a sustainable transition to state-financed national programs in the next 2-3 years.

Note that the author and host of the TV program is Aybar Sultangaziev, a prominent public figure and director of the Partnership Network Association.

(Text: Inna Gavrylova)

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