Our Team and Career

Our Team and Career

Organizational structure and governing system of the Alliance for Public Health is aimed at the effective implementation of integrated national programs to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other socially dangerous diseases.

Governing Bodies

The Alliance has three official governing bodies which define the basic principles of Alliance activities and regulate decision-making processes. The membership of all governing bodies has been revised to include leading Ukrainian and international experts in management, health care, law, economy, etc.; and representatives of both business and charitable/public sectors from several countries.

The General Meeting is the Alliance’s highest governing body. This is a strategic body responsible for defining key areas of Alliance activities.

The Governing Board is an executive body responsible, in particular, for determining the Alliance’s strategic objectives and its vision and mission; approving the annual work plan and budget; exercising control over the activities of the executive director and the Alliance senior management team, and approving the main internal policies of the foundation.

The Supervisory Committee is a controlling body which ensures constant supervision over financial accountability and compliance with corporate norms. It revises the adequacy of existing mechanisms to effectively manage Alliance resources, at the same time assessing financial risks which may be viewed as a threat to the Alliance, its beneficiaries and other interested parties.

 Members of governing bodies

Members of governing bodies


Short bios of members of governing bodies

Short bios of members of governing bodies



Team and Career

The Alliance team includes over 100 staff members based in Kyiv.

Our team has deployed antiretroviral therapy programs, and implemented substitution maintenance therapy, pharmacy-based HIV prevention, and prevention among street children. Currently it focuses primarily on prevention among vulnerable groups. In addition to HIV prevention, the Alliance is implementing programs tackling tuberculosis (TB), viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases (STI). The Alliance regularly carries out research and supports innovative approaches and best practices in Ukraine and worldwide.

The Alliance structure consists of departments and teams:

  • Executive Director
  • Program Department
  • Treatment, Procurement and Supply Management Department
  • Policy and Partnership Department
  • Organizational Development Department
  • Office of Senior Advisor: Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Finance and Admin Department

Current Vacancies


Consultancy competitions


Internship and Volunteering

The Alliance for Public Health invites post graduates and graduates to take part in an internship program, or to become a volunteer of the foundation.

This is a unique opportunity to become part of one of the biggest charitable foundations in Ukraine working in the area of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

If you have any questions about internship or volunteering opportunities, please contact us at vacancy@aph.org.ua


Senior Program Officer: Research and Evaluation
IT Systems’ Manager
Senior Finance Officer International Program
Finance Manager: Reporting & Planning
Program Assistant: Monitoring & Evaluation
Program Officer: Healthlink Project
Programme Manager: Crisis response (humanitarian aid)
Sos Project Consultant - Operational Research Project Coordinator
Announcement of a competition for Consultants to develop guidelines for the intervention "Mystery Shoppers" in the area of HIV prevention and treatment​
Recruitment of nurses/medical assistants for a summer children's camp (external consultants), Lviv
Consultant for the preparation of an analytical document based on the evaluations of TВ CRG Assessment components and their compliance with the STP CRG Assessment Tool
Nurses Paliative care - selection of consultants
Family doctors Paliative care - selection of consultants
Procurement Officer
Сompetition for consulting services of a coordinator of practitioners on the implementation of the Support for Community Initiatives (SCLR) approach in Ukraine
Сompetition for consulting services on program activities and monitoring of its implementation
Assistant to support Activities of Eastern and Central European and Central Asian Commission on Drug Policy (ECECACD)
The International Charitable Foundation "Alliance for Public Health" announces a tender for the provision of consulting services to coordinate activities aimed at supporting children, adolescents and families with children in safe spaces of NGO partners
Call for external (outsourcing) IT specialists
Support communities in documenting experiences and solutions during the war
Competition for the selection of regional humanitarian aid coordinators
Соnsultant to coordinate implementation of the regional project ‘Sustainability of Services for Key Populations in the EECA region’ during 2023-2024 in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan
Competition for the selection of a consultant for a humanitarian project: financial specialist
Competition for the selection of a consultant for a humanitarian project: program specialist
Call for consultants to finalise the concept and develop the algorithm for the e-Social worker IT solution
REAct project advocacy coordinator
Competition for a consultant-coordinator of a shelter in Lviv
Open Call for STEP-UP MOOC 2022/2023 to find trainers to develop online course materials
open call for proposals of consultants to provide organizational-analytical support of multisectoral accountability framework implementation.
Alliance for Public Health is looking for consultant-assistant of the TB program unit.
Consultant to develop information materials on protection of the rights of key communities under martial law (REAct project)
Open call for consulting services to promote publications on Facebook
open call for consultants for the selection of a consultant to provide consulting services for the preparation of documents for obtaining a SNRI lisense
Call for consultants for the selection of outsourcing experts on a number of issues in the field of public health and IT
Lead researcher: Identification and systematic addressing of gender barriers to accessing HIV services in EECA region
SoS_project 2.0 Consultant - Operational Research Project Launch Coordinator
Call for consultants on the creation of video content (animated videos)
ICF "Alliance for Public Health" announces a call for program consultant
Open call for consultants for conduction the operation research on TB