The Alliance for Public Health has successfully developed and implemented HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis responses in Ukraine.

The anti-retroviral therapy (ART) scale-up initiated by the Alliance in 2004 boosted the number of patients from less than 200 to more than 6,000 by the time of treatment handover to the Government of Ukraine in 2008.

The HIV prevention curriculum ‘School against AIDS’, designed by Alliance specialists, has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education for use in secondary schools. Over three million students in 1–7 classes have been covered with prevention programs within the compulsory Basics of Health course.

Within the current program among key populations, the Alliance and its partner NGOs across Ukraine reach over 250,000 people annually from the populations most affected by HIV, including PWID, MSM, sex workers, street children, and prisoners. The program distributes 20 million syringes, 15 million condoms, performs 300,000 HIV tests per year, and constitutes the main entry of KAPs in HIV treatment programs.

These interventions have been the major contributor to the decline in new infections in Ukraine among PWID starting in 2008, and among the general population from 2012.

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The Alliance’s scope of work in Ukraine includes a massive national HIV prevention, care and support program; a drug substitution therapy program (most of the national scope is implemented by the Alliance and its partners); tuberculosis diagnostics with a focus on key risk groups and a multi-drug resistant tuberculosis treatment program (most of the national scope); a hepatitis C diagnostics and treatment program for key populations.

The Ukraine program is considered a model for the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and internationally acknowledged as among the best response practices in concentrated HIV epidemics.

The following projects are currently implemented by the Alliance in Ukraine: