On December 5-7, 2018, the Regional meeting on strategic priorities for operational and drug-related advocacy for quality people-centered TB care in the region of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia was held in Tbilisi.
The meeting was organized by TB Europe Coalition and Centrul PAS under the technical partnership of WHO Regional Office for Europe, Stop TB Partnership, Global TB Caucus and Global Fund Communities, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative. The Alliance jointly with the MSF / Access Campaign was a co-organizer of this meeting.
The main goal of the meeting was to launch the development and consequent implementation of the combined EECA advocacy strategy on three diseases TB/HIV/HCV.
Zahedul Islam, Director: Treatment, Procurement and Supply Management, ICF “Alliance for Public Health”, during a session devoted to sense of urgency for action in light of GF transition, presented health systems strengthening approach combined EECA advocacy strategy on three diseases TB/HIV/HCV.
Also, during the discussion about challenges and opportunities in transition to people-centered TB care, the Alliance results of active finding of TB among key and vulnerable populations and the Alliance experience of Advocacy campaign for registration of HCV treatment in Ukraine were presented.