At the start of the pilot area “Support and Management of HIV Pre-Exposure prevention (PrEP)”, from February 18 to February 26, the Alliance of Public Health organized a series of training sessions for its implementers. 59 social workers and project managers from 25 partner organizations, who won the open competition for the 26A component (PrEP), took part in the events.

Participants got acquainted with the best world experience and innovative practices of the NGO “Alliance.Global” implementing PreP in Kyiv, mastered the medical aspects and conducted practical workshops on effective dismantling of existing myths regarding the PreP intake, elaborated in detail the functions of NGO specialists at all three stages of the implementation of this activity and mechanisms of interactions with regional AIDS Centers.

This activity is being implemented by the Public Health Alliance in cooperation with the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and aims at reducing the rate of spread of HIV among MSM, HIV-negative partners from discordant couples and those reporting high-risk behavior (including sex workers) by introducing PrEP as an element of a combined prevention and care program in Ukraine.