Andriy Mykhaylovych Yarovoi,  b. 06/11/1967, a citizen of Ukraine from the city of Kyiv, since 27 August 2018 he has been kept prisoner in the city of Luhansk. He is currently kept in an underground prison of so-called “Ministry of Security of the LNR” on suspicion of drug smuggling according to part 3 of article 282 of “criminal code of the LNR”. His alleged smuggling involved officially registered in Ukraine substitution maintenance therapy (SMT) drugs — buprenorphine hydrochloride, a 10-day stock of which he had legally received at Kyiv City Narcologic Hospital “Sociotherapy”. Andriy Yarovoi has been an SMT patient since 2009.

Andriy Yarovoi has worked as an advocacy coordinatory of All-Ukrainian Association of People Living with Drug Dependence (VOLNA, Kyiv), a consultant on monitoring of accessibility of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment at ICF “Alliance for Public Health”. He is a member of the Steering Board of Eurasian Network of People who Use Drugs (ENPUD, Vilnius) and holds membership in Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA, Vilnius).

Recently, Andriy has been given opportunity to talk to his lawyer and receive necessary items and food.

We will be grateful to all local, national and international organizations or persons for their support and actual efforts and actions aimed at his release and soonest return to Kyiv.

Your support and help could include the following:

  • writing letters/petitions (“to whom it may concern”)
  • informal personal negotiations with any persons that may facilitate release of A. M. Yarovoi or alleviation of his confinement conditions
  • spreading this information among people and organization that may facilitate his release

Contact phones: +380503825178 or +380503894674

Thank you very much for your help and support!