On February 17, Brussels hosted the EU HCV Policy Summit.

The Summit was attended by over 100 participants, including members of the European Parliament, national policymakers, representatives of the ministries of health from European countries. The Summit was aimed to define the global WHO strategy for viral hepatitis as well as discus and develop a joint Manifesto and call for active actions to eliminate the epidemic of hepatitis C. European best practices, including extended prevention services, treatment access for vulnerable populations, and effective harm reduction programs may play a key role in reducing the number of new infections.

At the Summit, Alliance for Public Health was represented by Ludmila Maistat, Senior Program Manager: Hepatitis C/HIV Policy and Advocacy and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine – by Professor Olga Golubovska, MD, PhD, Head of the Infectious Disease Department, Bogomolets National Medical University, Chief Infectious Disease Doctor of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Alliance and the Ministry of Health share a common position and vision of the strategy of elimination of HCV epidemic in Ukraine and in Europe. Ludmila Maistat read out the joint Manifesto “Our vision for a Hepatitis C-free Europe”. You can follow the link to read and sign the Manifesto: