Famous social activist Andrii Yarovyi, who was illegally detained and convicted in the temporarily uncontrolled territory of the Luhansk region, the so-called “LNR”, was presented with a prestigious international award.
On April 28 at the opening ceremony of the #HR19: 26 International Conference on Harm Reduction in Porto (Portugal) was announced the award of the authoritative international award “Carol and Travis Jenkins Award” to Andrii Yarovyi as a victim of daring human rights violations related to illegal imprisonment for the storage of legally obtained medical drug replacement therapy.

Andrii Yarovyi could not personally receive the award, he handed the appeal, which was read during the presentation of the award.
In the letter, Andrii thanked for acknowledging his contribution to the protection of the rights of people who use drugs and the development of harm reduction programs. In his letter, he noted that he was convinced of the achievement of goals. “The most important thing is to believe. To believe and not to stop, ”wrote Yarovaya.
The “Carol and Travis Jenkins Award” has been awarded at the International Conference on Drug Related Harm Reduction since 2005. The purpose of the event is to recognize the contribution of communities or individuals in the field of harm reduction from drug use, health care and human rights.
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Text: Inna Gavrylova