In order to strengthen the partnership network with state institutions, namely, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and oblast state administrations, the ICF “Alliance of Public Health” on November 14-16, 2018, held a seminar for partners – public and youth and other institutions and organizations – in the Dnipro Children’s Recreation Camp in Kozyn town of Kyiv oblast.

The holding of this event is extremely important in the context of the transition of the program transition from Global Fund support to public funding and in the context of the reforms that are currently taking place in Ukraine.

During the seminar, the specialists got acquainted with the state program “Youth of Ukraine 2016-2020”, the study on the youth situation, the program “Youth worker” and the activities of the Association of Youth Centers.

The workshop was organized by the Alliance to engage its partners as active participants in state programs aimed at improving the health of young people. This activity includes prevention actions and ensuring rights of representatives of key populations, prevention and treatment of HIV/TB and other socially dangerous diseases.

The workshop reviewed the conditions and criteria for funding under the Youth of Ukraine 2016-2020 Program, the competition announcement and financing deadlines, established for each region of Ukraine.

The Alliance expresses its appreciation to all the partners involved in this event and the co-organizers of the event: the Department of Youth Policy of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the team of the Kyiv Regional Youth Center.