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Phone.: +380 44 490 5485
Fax: +380 44 490 5489

C O M P L A I N T S  A N D  F E E D B A C K

If you have any proposals to help improve the work of the Alliance, or if you are witness to or victim of any violation from a staff member or a financial partner of our organization, you can contact our Office of the Senior Advisor: Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance. We will consider the reported information and if necessary inform you of the results of our investigation. Anonymous reports will be considered only if the relevant circumstances are of great importance to our organization.

When having any complaints or suggestions on any goods or services provided by the Alliance, please make us know on this. For this, please fill in the following form. You will find detailed instructions inside the form.

Thank you for your help in improving the work of the Alliance